Posted by: Erik Ritland | September 22, 2012

The Weekly Ramble #1, 9/22/12

Welcome one and all to the Weekly Ramble! Each Friday/Saturday I’ll be compiling and giving a short description of each of the articles (or blogs, if you will) that I post throughout the week. This weeks topics includes everything from the replacement referees in the NFL to a commentary on why church is boring. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

Sunday 9/16/12
Sunday Ramble: Is Church Boring?
Many people complain that church is boring. I don’t disagree. This article suggests that if church was seen in its original context – as no less than heaven on earth – that people would find the meaning in church that they’re looking for.

Monday 9/17/12
Football Ramble
In my weekly analysis of the NFL I look at the Vikings loss to the Colts and comment on stories from around the league including notes on the Saints, Chris Kluwe, RGIII, and the surprise victory of the St. Louis Rams over the Washington Redskins.

Wednesday 9/19/12
Ritland Ramble
In the Ritland Ramble I promise to comment on the world at large, both trends with people and the latest news stories. In this first edition I begin an article about why contemporary discussions tend to get nowhere and briefly touch on the recently released Romney tape.

Thursday 9/20/12
Music Ramble: The Band’s Levon Helm and Neil Young’s Americana
The first edition of the Erik Ritland Music Ramble showcases a man and an album near and dear to my heart: the Band’s Levon Helm and Neil Young’s new album of covers of old folk tunes, Americana.

Friday 9/21/12
Sports Ramble
The replacement referees in the NFL have been given a hard time by players, coaches, and fans. Well, they’re all wrong, as the replacement refs are at least as good if not better than the regular refs, as I argue in my first Sports Ramble. I also look forward to the weekends NFL games.


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