Posted by: Erik Ritland | September 29, 2012

The Weekly Ramble #2, 9/29/12

This weeks articles…

Sunday 9/23/12
Sunday Ramble: In Defense of Mystery
“The mystery of life is the plainest part of it” – GK Chesterton. In this article I explain the logic and virtue of believing in a mysterious view of life instead of a limiting materialistic one.

Monday 9/24/12
Football Ramble
Analysis of the Vikings’ surprising and impressive win over the 49ers, the Seahawks victory over the Packers, and other news and notes from week 3 of the NFL season.

Wednesday 9/26/12
Ritland Ramble
“The White Flag of Intellectualism (part II)” explains why it is important to think and talk about religion and politics. I also discuss the continued use of the derogatory term “Native American” and how stupid it is to care about the political views of celebrities.

Thursday 9/27/12
Music Ramble: The Band’s Levon Helm and Neil Young’s Americana
The second part of my articles about the Band’s Levon Helm and Neil Young’s new album of covers of old folk tunes, Americana.

Friday 9/28/12
Sports Ramble
In this weeks edition of the Sports Ramble I explain why I’m burned out with football (already), analyze the MLB playoff hunt, and look ahead to week 4 of the NFL.

Erik Ritland is a journalist and musician from St. Paul, Minnesota. The Weekly Ramble, released on Saturdays, compiles his many weekly articles about society, music, sports (including a football blog), religion, and many other topics. You can reach him via email here.


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